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Pakistan Security Forces(mercenaries to kill)

Postby asfandyar » Thu Jun 09, 2011 7:04 pm

Pakistan security forces ( army,navy,airforce, police, rangers and our intelligence agency are mercenaries who are ordered by their leader from USA to kill people of Pakistan as much as they can and they will be paid in dollars for it. The incident at karachi that happened yesterday proved that rangers are mercenaries. If people of Pakistan kept electing people like Zardari, MQM, PML (N), JUI(F) and ANP, the said incident will happen again and again here in Pakistan and our interior minister will always say on innocent killing that the innocent person was a mobile snatcher or a Taliban. Taliban has nothing to do with Pakistan, its our own people like Rehman Malik (interior Minister) who is responsible for such incidents. Its not failure of Pakistan army or intelligance agencies as they are mercenaries and they are performing their duties to kill every single person who will raise voice for Independence and sovereignty of Pakistan. If Generals like General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani ( who is sergant of US Army appointed as Pakistani general) dumb general of Pakistan are appointed over peacefull Pakistanis, soon these Pakistani's will forget humanity due to such people. American must change their policies regarding Pakistan as Pakistan's elected people damn care about Pakistani people. At least Americans must do something for peacefull people of Pakistan. I would also invite Israeli President and Indian President to Pakistan so that they may play their role in stability in Pakistan as its beyond our army and intelligance and also the leadership of Pakistan now. And even still nobody can do it then lets destroy Pakistan, lets blast this nuclear bomb within Pakistan so that if people can't live peacefully, should die peacefully at once.
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Re: Pakistani Politics

Postby Kamran » Sun Mar 23, 2014 3:10 pm

Now we have heard that in 2014 new budget, there will be more percentage of our economy to be consumed for military purposes.

GEO TV and Pakistani Govt.

Postby asfandyar » Sat Jun 07, 2014 9:54 am

Whatever Pakistani Govt. did in case of GEO, it only weakened the country.We are quite aware that american provided funds to media groups in Pakistan to achieve their target and Jang Group (GEO NETWORK) played a bigger role in it. Jang Group of media is the only media group in the world that criticized its own country security agency. It never happened in any country that a media group talked about their law enforcement agencies like Jang Group did in Pakistan. Due to same reason, those countries who doesn't want Pakistan to become a stable and prospering nation, took side of Jang Group by highlighting this matter. If Jang Group is so patriotic as it says, it should be ashamed of mistakes they made in past few months.Many of those people, who know the reality, media groups work under the supervision of NGO's that are being backed by Israil and America to destabilize any country. They use simple method, they showed money to media groups like Jang Group and they started propaganda regarding its own people and Pakistani Govt. (PMLN) took a part in it as it also got paid in said situation by Jang Group.All the Pakistani nation rejected Jung Group but the Govt of PMLN support Jang Group as if Pakistani Govt. (PMLN) isn't being the representative of Pakistani Nation.We will keep religion away in this matter because non of political party in Pakistan has anything to do with religion. Mulana Fazl-ur-Rehman is the only politician who is fooling people of Pakistan by taking name of Islam, the Islam for Mulana Fazl-ur-Rehman comes only before election and as soon as he got elected, there is no more Islam needed and its time for him to enjoy the luxury of being part of any party in power.Fazl-ur-Rehman seemed to be working on Jewish agenda as whatever he is doing in politics can only be done by Jew. Secondly, there is a misconception that if Pakistan is a muslim state. Pakistan is a non-muslim state that works on the loan being taken from Israil so it is impossible for Pakistani Govt. to go against Israil will.
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Lahore Model Town Incident

Postby asfand » Wed Jun 18, 2014 6:52 pm

Today i saw a minister of PMLN giving comments that totally supported that this war in Pakistan will continue till we kill last muslim who know qalma shahadat and the reason for that they give is when suicide bomber blow himself he say qalma at that time. So all muslim around the world should know now that Pakistan totally condemn support of those who say qalma shahadat.Pakistan Govt. is against every such muslim. According to PMLN's ministers, they will support only those people who can do anything for the benefit of PMLN like Gullu Butt did.I am sure Shahbaz Shareef must have given orders for Gullu Butt to be in Heaven as he supported the Royal King's Family in this crucial time. There are barriers at the entrance of Nawaz shareef and shahbaz shareef houses and many more barriers are there at Lahore. The only barriers that were creating problem for people were infront of Minhaj-ul-Quran? Tahir-ul-Qadri uses police escort team of 6 to 10 vehicle or Hamza shahbaz, Shahbaz shareef and Nawaz shareef do? This totally confirms that Pakistan is the property of PMLN's Royal Family and Pakistan people are slaves of the Royal Family. If 11 people were murdered and many got injured in an action taken by Royal Family of Nawaz Shareef so what? Nawaz Family got right over its slave nation who voted for them and who brought them as ruler of Pakistan.


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